Install SATA hdd on ASUS A8V Deluxe Motherboard

So I bought my computer parts on, and started assembly all the pieces last night. Turns out my Western Digital Raptor was an SATA harddrive, which is faster than IDE, but a bit more frustrating to get the Windows XP installation cd to recognize it.


ASUS A8V Deluxe motherboard

Western Digital Raptor SATA hdd (1)

The steps are not that difficult once you know how:

1) Plug in 1 sata hdd to the first plug in the mother board with sata cable (see motherboard instructions)

2) Enter Bios, choose boot mode: 1) floppy, 2) cd, 3) hdd. At this point, my hdd was recongized by the bios (a good sign).

3) Disable Promise Raid stuff, enable BootRom thing (I forget the exact wording) – this will enable you to use the VIA raid driver from asus web site, recommended over the Promoise raid driver for speed improvements.

4) Install XP, hit F6 when it asks (bottom of screen), then type “S” to specify the driver for the hdd.

This is where it got tricky for me, I only had the ASUS CD which came with the motherboard, and XP wouldn’t read from it. So I had to buy a floppy drive :-( Then went to asus web site, and found the Via Raid drive (7mb) zip file and extracted it to c:\temp on my win2k box. There is a utility in there somewhere called “MakeDisk.exe”, just run that with a floppy in your floppy drive, and it’ll create the driver disk. Go back into the XP Install, hit F6, then S, and then insert the floppy, just choose the right driver (it should be obvious). Whallah, XP now recongizes the sata hdd so it can then format and install.

Hoepfully this will help people.

You can find the drivers on the “Downloads” page from

Updated: 12/31/04 – Addition of ASUS tech support response:



I installed the A8V Deluxe w/ SATA harddrive, and when installing


XP, hitting F6 to load sata drivers from Asus cd won’t read the cd.

I also tried booting up into the ASUS cd, and it just ends with a blank

screen and a flashing hyphen 1/4 of the way down on the screen.

My configuration is 1 sata harddrive (not raid), and trying to install

Windows XP. Unfortunately, I do not have a floppy drive or cd burner




[12/30/2004 12:28:00 PM – nick23]

Thank you for your support of our products!

Here are the directions for Installing Windows 2k/XP on the Via RAID




We recommend using the latest available drivers when configuring your


controller. You can find the latest Via RAID drivers on the ASUS



If this site is slow, or is having problems, you can also use our


mirror site:

Place a disk in your floppy drive. Download and unzip the file, then

extract the contents to a newly created folder. Double-click on the

MakeDisk file, and it will transfer the necessary files to your floppy


Support CD:

If you do not have access to the Internet, then start by browsing the

support CD included with the motherboard. Look for the DRIVERS


Inside that is a directory called VIARAID. Open the DRIVER directory


is inside. Make sure to insert a disk in your floppy drive, then

double-click on the MakeDisk file in the DRIVER directory. It will

transfer the necessary files to your floppy disk.


1. Start with clean, blank hard drives connected to the RAID


These drives will not show up on the motherboard’s BIOS screen.




For a MIRROR: If you want to mirror a drive with existing information


will be asked to copy that information to the new drive. PLEASE BE

CERTAIN WHICH DRIVE HAS YOUR DATA. We recommend setting the drive with

DATA on it as the primary MASTER, but it will also work on the


We also recommend backing up any information you do not want to lose.


you copy the wrong drive, you will lose your information!!

2. Set up your Array:

Upon first boot, the Promise BIOS should tell you that there are an


number of RAID arrays defined as there are hard drives connected to the

Promise controller. Press [Tab] to enter setup, then delete all of the

existing arrays. This will not remove any data from your drives.


between the defaults, which should be Performance (Stripe), Data


(Mirror), Safety and Performance (Stripe and Mirror) or Capacity


3. Boot to your 2K/XP CD & start the installation. As Windows is first

setting up, at the first blue screen hit the [F6] key to load a third

party mass storage driver. If you miss this, you will be warned that

there are no hard drives attached. If this happens, restart the


and tap the “F6” Key a few times as the CD spins up. Windows will go

through its install routine, then prompt you for an OEM disk for your


STORAGE CONTROLLER. Insert the floppy disk you created earlier, and


the first driver on the list. This will allow you to use your RAID.


4. Let Windows setup the partition and install:

Choose install to the empty disk & choose NTFS FULL format, not quick.


you don’t have any other hard disks on your regular IDE channels, there

may be a LONG pause after the format; be patient.

5. If your system paused during the install, it will do so again when

booting into Windows. Once the install is completely finished, enter


BIOS Setup, go to the MAIN tab, then change “Auto” to “None” for all

channels where no drives are connected. NOTE: This applies to your

regular IDE channels, NOT your RAID Array.

6. Let Windows run through all of its setup routines and updates.

7. You will now be able to use your RAID disk as a storage device!

Please do not respond to this email. If you need further assistance,

contact Technical Support at 502-995-0883 (M-F 8:30 AM – 12:00 AM EST).

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  • I am in the market for a new Motherboard but anything with an Nvidia 790i chipset sets you back well over £250.

    I place more importance on motherboards than other components when building systems. I’m just having a job trying to justify £250.

    What do you think would be the best performance/pound value motherboard in the ASUS range?

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  • TOM

    Hi there,

    I am another who is very confused, I have XP working fine off the primary hard drive (SATA1) and I want to add another drive or two just for storage.

    I do not need or want any kind of RAID, i just want the computer to recognise the new disks!

    When I add a new drive to SATA 2 the system ‘cannot find windows’ and when i add it to either of the SATA ports on ‘southbridge’ then windows will boot but ‘disk management’ doesn’t detect the new drive at all!?!?!

    cheers guys


  • I have the SATA ports working using the latest VIA drivers but whenever I connect a hard drive to the IDE connectors It will not boot. the drive is recognized in the BIOS and I can boot from a cd but not from a hard drive. Are my IDE controllers worthless or is their some driver or boot instructions I can load? The mobo is an A8V Deluxe

  • hermes

    Sorry to but in here but not sure where to make a new post.
    I seem to have lost two onboard Sata discs, my PC crashed and when it came back I had lost both of them.

    The only one that was still ok was my drive C which is fine but the other two seemed to have dropped off cpmpletely.

    I thought the hard discs had packed up but after testing with a usb gadget I know they are still ok when plugged into an outside usb socket.

    I then tried a PCI Sata card which I can’t get the hardware profile to see (it has a ?)

    I have two questions really, how do I get th Mobo to see the card and what have a I messed with the Sata hard disc sockets?

    Asus A8v mobo with

  • peelaa

    Hi thanx for this guide dont no how long it would have took me to figure this out without it. Anyway I am having the same problem as Eugene, I can install windows x64 but it just wont boot. I have no problem booting x86 (32 bit) windows but whenever i try booting windows 64 my pc just keep restarting before it gets into windows. Did you manage to fix this problem Eugene?

  • Mick

    A8R-MVP sli crossfire

    The os is set up fine,on maxtor 300gb sata2
    System occasionally cant find os
    On investigation mobo has reverted to the wd hdd (ide)
    as primary boot device.
    Usually it requires reselecting 1st drive to maxtor and saving changes.

    What is making the bios do this??? it may be ok for weeks and then it decides to select the ide drive as 1st drive

  • kbk

    Thanks so much for this help, it had taken me 2 days of trying to get my A8V-UA board to recognise the SATA hard drive, the most frustrating thign was that neither the promise or fasttrak drivers that came with the ASUS mobo on the support cd worked!

    But thanks to this tutorial im now finally underway with installing winxpsp2 after 2 days of frustrtion !

    thanks so much :D

  • Eugene

    Guys I really need your help. I have an ASUS A8V Deluxe board and trying to setup two 74Gig raptors as Raid 0 using VIA chip. I am able to Raid them and install Winodws x64 on them, however as soon as Windows x64 restarts after finishing installation, my computer keeps restarting. I tried flashing BIOS to the latest revision, tried the 64Bit version of VIA controller drivers, same problem. I tried unpluging any other hardware leaving only the basic hardware components, same problem. I tried 3 different sticks of RAM in different sockets, same problem. I am going insane. Can my mb be bad? The strange thing is that I have another regular SATA drive which had windows 32Bit installation on it. I tried to connect it, and I was able to boot in to windows. Please help. Thank you for the awsome article! :)

  • Alistair

    Thank you for your excellent information. Without it I would have taken a sledgehammer to my motherboard. Thanks again!

  • infinityeyes

    Thank you so much. When I first bought this board I was so frustrated and installed winxp on a 80gb maxtor ide drive and ghosted it to a serial ata drive. That worked but now my OS is slowly corrupting itself. Now that I have this guide I can slipstream the install process with nlite. you rule!

  • Gary

    I have installed the SATA378 raid drivers during the windows xp installation by pressing F6 etc, however when I finish the installation it is still saying that I have no hard drives installed. All I am trying to do is format my hard drive, however I cannot carry this out until I can get my computer to find my drive.

    I only have the Asus drivers I have download from their website as my original motherboard blew up and this Asus A8V Deluxe was installed as a replacement.

    I would be grateful for your help.



    Just a heads up if you have problems with the ASUS A8R-MVP motherboard and Maxtor DiamondMax10 SATA drive when trying to set up in a RAID configuration. The DiamondMax10 needs a firmware upgrade. I couldn’t get the upgrade process to work for me and exchanged the drives for Seagate, but figured I’d clue folks in, in case anyone was having any problems w/ RAID configuration using these drives w/ this motherboard.

  • Matt

    I have an a8v deluxe. I have a WD 74 gig 10,000 rpm sata hard drive. When my computer is starting up sometimes when the sata screen is testing my computer it sees the drive but never when i go into the bios settings do i see the hard drive please help. I can load windows setup run the promise fast track controller (64 bit) and then it tell sme that theres no hard drive. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • Thank you so very much for your information about this board and how to get sata drives working. If it was not for your information here I would have literally thrown my SATA drive out the window and called it a day. I wish there were more people like you to post their information on the internet so that others may benefit from it. I think you would be a very valuable addition to .. if you are not already a member id check it out, its a forum where people go to help out and give their knowledge and assistance to others. Thank you again


  • Rob

    Actually, this IS ASUS’s fault in someway. I had an MSI board and this NEVER HAPPENED. EVER.

  • Tony

    Thanks a millions for the information. I found this before I ordered my SATA drive. If not, I’m sure I would have been utterly frustrated.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was funny….I’ve installed windows onto two different SATA hard drives (neither of them attached to an A8V) and had no problems using a windows xp disc embedded with sp2. So apparently they selectively included drivers.

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  • dbrew0

    Great Blog Chovy!

    I’ve got a question that I haven’t seen posed here:
    I’ve got an A8V-Deluxe mb, a pair of Raptor 37GB hd in Raid 0 config, on the Promise controller, w/ XP Pro SP2. Everything works great – no problems. Went right in the first time.

    Now the scary part: now I’d like to add a pair of drives as a mirror to the raid 0 on the Promise controller – thus making a raid 0+1 setup w/ the 4 drives. Can I do this without destroying the raid 0 and destroying the data on that array? Is it as simple as removing the array and re-configuring it as a 0+1? It would suck having to re-install everything.

  • thanks for the tutorial man, they are gay for making us go through all this stupid shit. thanks again man

  • lave

    Yep – would be helpfull if ASUS included the floppy with the driver on it – but this is how every raid controller driver is installed with XP/2000/2003 and procedurally has nothing to do with ASUS at all.



  • Stealthmims


    A well written easy to follow guide if only id have used google first rather than yahoo.

    I followed the guide using the setup cd on my laptop and worked second attempt first time I didn’t have the boot device order setup in the same order (didn’t think it would matter).

    Thanks for taking the time out to right this I’m sure its saved hundreds of people hundreds of hours.


  • velvetmidget

    i just want to plug in a sata drive and use it as back up. no raid at all. i allready have xp running but i cant get it to recognize the sata drive. I had a asus p4p800 and it worked fine. i find it hard to believe that you have to run raid. my comment is same as comment #123.

    Please help i am going crazy. I have a 400gb sata drive just sitting here waiting to backup.

    aaron.richardson @

    thank you so much for your help.

    by the way great blog for raid

  • doug

    Ok. I shoulda Googled before posting here. Your install instructions work fine for a single drive. If you have a second drive (non-Raid, just jbod) then that won’t get partitioned until you take some specific steps after XP install. Just follow the steps in this link after Chovy’s steps and you should be fine:

    Thanks for your feedback Chovy!

  • there are a few ways…probably the easiest is to download the “install disk” from the harddrive manufacturer.

  • doug

    I didn’t format the second drive. From a dos prompt I tried running “fdisk” but that wasn’t found. Typically fdisk was used to add partitions, etc. With XP there must be some new way? How would I format a drive that Windows Explorer can’t see?

  • did you format it?

  • doug


    Windows Explorer does NOT recognize the second drive. My bad.

  • Doug

    Hi Chovy,

    Or is it anChovy? :-)

    Thank you for posting this information. It certainly set the direction for me to get my winxp system installed. However, I have a second SATA drive. The first one is recognized by Windows Explorer. The second SATA drive is recognized by the BIOS and by the Windows XP “Device Manager”. So as far as the file system is concerned this second drive doesn’t exist. Any suggestions? Thx. Go A’s!!!!

  • lol sorry i ment to say

  • tried emailing you, but your adddy didn’t work (at least the guess). I simply removed spaces.

    Email me: apwebdesign{–AT–}

    I’m interested in seeing what kind of mass quantity discount I can get on RAM.

  • i use newegg and a ton of other places
    i dont buy stuff from the large retal stores due to only having intermediate products i buy from the main guys. if you ever need anything call me up @970-926-1300 john roberts @ micro solutions

  • Cool…where do you get your parts?

    We have Fry’s in the bay area here, but they suck. I return so much stuff to them after awhile.

  • thanks, and its not a easy thing to have a shop. i am in the vail colorado valley and its feast or famen up here. *as far as the raid post goes KEEP THE DISK IN THE FLOPPY DRIVE! thanks for advise again.

  • no prob! Good luck with your computer store, I wish I could open one up.

  • chovoy…..thanks for the pricise steps
    that u posted. i own a custome computer store and have had a few minor problems with the new asus 754 and 939 boards setting up the raid and now i think its solved. thanks a ton and id like to say hey to the bay-area. you rock!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve spend 4 days trying to solve the problem, read this and I still have the problem. Seriously, more should be done by gimps at Microsellouts to enable easier installations. Just because the technology wasn’t there when XP was made doesn’t mean it will never be there. Lets look at it. When was XP released? 2001 ish? Did we ever think we’d see the advent of PCI-E? DDR2 and 3? SLI more mainstream than it was in 97? SATA, let alone SATA II?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks man, damn I lost more than 4 hours trying to fix the problem… I found the solution here. Thanks a lot!!!

  • Thanks a million dude, you really got me out fo trouble there…

    i dont know what you were going on about boot roms and promise drivers though, couldnt find those options in the bios… but windows *seems* to be installing ok, touch wood