Javascript Error: submit is not a function

Took me a google search to find this one, but for some reason one of my forms was not submitting using javascript.

The reason was the statement “formObj.submit();” in the javascript was colliding (resulting in ambiguity within the browser) with the form button, which was also named “submit”.


Change the name of the button to “login” or something else more reflective of it’s functionality instead of “submit”.


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  • Eduardo Rodrigues


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    In debug, it would show the form as a form, with the submit method and all… but, error on the call. There was nothing poiting that the submit was being misplaced with the form button that had the same name.

    You were a NINJA to find this out!

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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  • HTML was stripped out of my previous message.

    I’ll try to use HTML equivs:

    < input type=”checkbox” name=”toggle_all” onclick=”toggle_all();” >

    < input type=”checkbox” name=”toggle_everything” onclick=”toggle_all();” >

  • It’s not only a matter of reserved words, it’s also a matter of element naming conflicts that you do yourself.

    Found out this after a good half hour of scratching my head:

    will trigger a JS error “toggle_all is not a function” BECAUSE toggle_all is the name of the input element.

    this code works:

    because I set the name of the input element to something else than the function name.

    Hope this saves somebody some time.

    best regards,

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  • r1tman

    I had a submit button named submit and that is what totally jacked my submit code. So all 1001 ways I coded it would never work because document.formname.submit was an object and I guess it found that before finding the submit function? Not sure why but I know what the problem was at least!

    – Rit

  • Thanks, I was starting to get frustrated :)

  • my french isn’t all that great….and your example got truncated COOLDEV, so I’m not sure what you’re trying to show.

  • chovy

    COKE – why don’t you use the javascript debugger in Firefox? just type “javascript:” in the address bar, then reload the page.

  • Coke

    I f$·%ing HATE JAVASCRIPT SO f$·%ing MUCH.

    So incompatible, so weird, you can’t trace the source of the problem quick. Sucks, Sucks and don’t stop sucking.

  • Oscar González

    Your article is very usefull; In Safari the error is
    Object [object INPUT] (result of expression document.form1.submit) does not allow calls.

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  • I know – first thing I should’ve checked when I got the unexplainable was “reserved words”.

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    Now, how in the hell to you change all those other stupid f***ing posts on Google so they get it right???