Setup email forwarding with Postfix on Debian

As you are probably aware, setting up a fully functional email server is a daunting task to say the least.

On my dedicated server I wanted to have simple email forwarding for email aliases on my domain. For example would forward to my Gmail account. I didn’t want to jump through the hoops to setup a fully functional SMTP/Inbox/Imap email server when all I needed was a forwarding address at my custom domain.

Here are the steps, which takes around 10 minutes.

More info can be found here:

Make samba create files with usable group permissions

I am using Samba as my file server at home and connecting to it from two different users on their own macbook laptops. The Debian server has a share directory in /var/share that either myself or any other user on the system can connect to and create files or directories in. We all want to be able to edit each others files in addition to adding or removing directories and files as well, regardless of who created or owns them.

First, I created a directory in /var/share that is owned by one user, with group of “users”. All users with access to this share are members of the ‘users’ group on the file server.

Installing ATI x1650 drivers on Kubuntu with 1440×900 LCD Screen

Everybody says “ATI sucks on Linux”…I had a difficult time with Nvidia, so I decided to try it. I found it difficult to get it working, but thanks to some great resources, and a few spare hours on Friday night it works!

Be sure to backup your original xorg.conf file in the case of a major foul up… ‘mv xorg.conf xorg.conf.pre-ati.orig’

First, you need to get the ATI proprietary drivers installed, which suprisingly was relatively painless following this ATI Ubuntu guide


Be sure to test your results with the ‘fglrxinfo’ command. if you did not get something like this, then go back…because you probably made a mistake.

Google Code Search Released

Finally, Google has released a code search that enables you to search through source code.

Similar to and others.

I haven’t seen too much of my own publical GPL code in here, but it’s a start.

The question is: Can I search for special characters?

Uninstalling KDE or Gnome from Gentoo

Using ‘eix’ it becomes quite easy to construct a search command listing all the packages currently installed for a given category.

In my case, I wanted to unmerge (remove) all KDE and Gnome desktop packages from my Gentoo system, as I’ve been using it only as server for several years now.

The ‘-C’ flag is the category base (ie: gnome-base or kde-base) — the other arguments should be obvious. You can always type ‘man eix’ for the specifics.

It’s a good idea to run ‘revdep-rebuild’ after removing packages as well.