The Evolution of a Programmer

The Evolution of a Programmer

I’m somewhere along the lines of Apprentice Hacker.

Google Code Search Released

Finally, Google has released a code search that enables you to search through source code.

Similar to and others.

I haven’t seen too much of my own publical GPL code in here, but it’s a start.

The question is: Can I search for special characters?

Javascript Error: submit is not a function

Took me a google search to find this one, but for some reason one of my forms was not submitting using javascript.

The reason was the statement “formObj.submit();” in the javascript was colliding (resulting in ambiguity within the browser) with the form button, which was also named “submit”.


Change the name of the button to “login” or something else more reflective of it’s functionality instead of “submit”.


Telephone Microformats

While looking into the proper syntax for telephone numbers as links in microformats, I found a good discussion from 2005.

There’s a great discussion of telephone microformats and using the tel: protocol in an anchor tag.

Some simple examples might be:

Notice the use of the “tel:” in the href attribute. The only drawback I’ve found is that I get a lot of 404 errors in my stats because most clients do not have a telephone application associated with the “tel” link. This can be rather bothersome and result in this:

Useful Debian Command Tip

I learned a few new commands that I haven’t used before:

To find a list of possible locations for a given application (in this case I choose “apt” which isn’t really a binary by itself, but rather a directory name used by “apt-get”.

Very cool for finding things quickly. If you didn’t catch what the output is, it is a simple space-delimited list of matches following the application name.